The Internet: What you should and shouldn’t share

What You Should And Shouldn’t Share on the Internet

Well, this post is about Internet safety. If you don’t be careful, tons of bad things could happen to you like:

  • Identity Theft
  • Being Hacked
  • Kidnapped of You or someone related to you
  • Being enslaved  (not really likely, but is possible)
  • Scammed
  • Using a picture you own, but you have no way of claiming that picture as your own.

Those are some bad things, so try to do the following in order to help keep yourself and family safe:

  • Keep last names personal, first names are ok

First names are ok, unless you have an original name, which makes a kidnapper easier to find you (even if you are an adult)

  • Keep email address’s to friends and family only (unless it is a public email address like the one I shared with you)
  • On website’s like wordpress, when it asks for name, try putting a fake name.
  • Don’t enter your credit card info on shady websites that have LOTS of ads popping up. (Even if it is a mine craft force admin hack and you want to get revenge on the server, don’t do it, just gives you virus’s, I have experience with virus’s)
  • Don’t download random stuff (its known to get “random virus’s)
  • Don’t give clue’s to your password as a prize for a contest, make it something else, like giving a shoutout

Well, thats a whole list I could think of! Comment of what you think I should add. Also comment a topic you want me to write on if you want. Inappropriate topics will not be tolerated.


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