Minecraft: Why is it famous?

Well, every game is famous in their own way, but not all of them are commonly famous. Introduced in 2009, was one of the greatest video game hits in history! What was the game? Minecraft
Minecraft is a game developed by a person nicknamed “Notch”. He later teamed up with a company called Mojang, and joined Mojang. Minecraft is basically a game where you have to use your imagination to build, craft, and fight monsters (most commonly known as mobs in minecraft language) You can also have unlimited health, unlimited blocks, and the ability to fly in creative mode, where it is easier to build what your imagination says. You should get it today! $26 on Mac/PC, $10 on PS and XBOX (not all the way sure), and $7 for IOS or Google!>


The Internet: What you should and shouldn’t share

What You Should And Shouldn’t Share on the Internet

Well, this post is about Internet safety. If you don’t be careful, tons of bad things could happen to you like:

  • Identity Theft
  • Being Hacked
  • Kidnapped of You or someone related to you
  • Being enslaved  (not really likely, but is possible)
  • Scammed
  • Using a picture you own, but you have no way of claiming that picture as your own.

Those are some bad things, so try to do the following in order to help keep yourself and family safe:

  • Keep last names personal, first names are ok

First names are ok, unless you have an original name, which makes a kidnapper easier to find you (even if you are an adult)

  • Keep email address’s to friends and family only (unless it is a public email address like the one I shared with you)
  • On website’s like wordpress, when it asks for name, try putting a fake name.
  • Don’t enter your credit card info on shady websites that have LOTS of ads popping up. (Even if it is a mine craft force admin hack and you want to get revenge on the server, don’t do it, just gives you virus’s, I have experience with virus’s)
  • Don’t download random stuff (its known to get “random virus’s)
  • Don’t give clue’s to your password as a prize for a contest, make it something else, like giving a shoutout

Well, thats a whole list I could think of! Comment of what you think I should add. Also comment a topic you want me to write on if you want. Inappropriate topics will not be tolerated.

Malaysian Airways | What I Think

This is What I think!
What I think of Malaysian airways is maybe the same as you: What happened to them? Was this purposeful by someone or caused by someone? How were these deaths caused? Where is the plane? I also hope the family’s of the victims have calmed down, and concerted by whatever God you believe in (hey I am Christian)! This is how i think the scenerio went: The pilot maybe had mental problems since birth, but he/she hid it from their parents so the parents know nothing about it. She/he would’ve not known what to do, and terminated all communications. Next, he/she locks up the co-pilot in the bathroom. By this time, the air plane is losing fuel in the middle of the Southern Indian Ocean. Finally, everyone either dies from impact, or depressurization. Comment your theory (if you want to)! Subscribe to me for more!

Welcome to the Blog!

OK! Hi there! Welcome to the Random Thoughts of Life and Minecraft blog! In this blog, I will be blogging on about, well as the title says, random things in life. Yes they will be random things that I will be willing to share. Also my Minecraft related things. Yup that sums it up!

Contact me at mrboby2002@gmail.com for questions!