Malaysian Airways | What I Think

This is What I think!
What I think of Malaysian airways is maybe the same as you: What happened to them? Was this purposeful by someone or caused by someone? How were these deaths caused? Where is the plane? I also hope the family’s of the victims have calmed down, and concerted by whatever God you believe in (hey I am Christian)! This is how i think the scenerio went: The pilot maybe had mental problems since birth, but he/she hid it from their parents so the parents know nothing about it. She/he would’ve not known what to do, and terminated all communications. Next, he/she locks up the co-pilot in the bathroom. By this time, the air plane is losing fuel in the middle of the Southern Indian Ocean. Finally, everyone either dies from impact, or depressurization. Comment your theory (if you want to)! Subscribe to me for more!